Can't login to ACME-TEST site

I cannot login to right now, is it down? I’m taking my RPA Advanced Certification and I cannot test it because won’t let me login.

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yeah it has some problem with Login. Also as well. Some bugs or Sever Issue.

Thanks a lot UiPath, I couldn’t pass anyhting for the certification because of your stupid shitty site.


The site seems to be working now… you should be able to login…

I’m experiencing issues with it aswell. It’s letting me log-in just sometimes. Is everyone trying to get these certifications before they start to cost money or something? :wink:

Yeah, it’s not working again. I’ll just retake the exam once it’s fixed.

For a last 2 hours i could login only a few times.

Inform the issue to UiPath. Sure they will give you additional attempts. Since the issue with their test site.


It is working now. Please check and confirm


Hi All, Below Link is not working. I want to register for the certification. Is there any alternate way? Please help.

Hi @Piyush_Arora1

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That is an old link, check here:

Could you also let us know where you’ve found this url? If it is somewhere on our website, we would like to change it to the new one :slight_smile: