Access is denied while typing the password into Get Password Activity

I have already changed the gmail settings as (turn on access) and also IMAP access is enabled. Also i am running both google chrome and uipath as administrator privileges, but still i am not able to resolve this issue. Please advise

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Hi @shubhammahajan305

Can you put string variables to result properties for you to check if you input the right password. Many Thanks :smiley:

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We have not mentioned the output variable For RESULT property in the GET PASSWORD activity
Kindly mention that and try once

But I would suggest to go for ASSETS activities
Like GET CREDENTIAL activity
As Get Password input can be decrypted only with the current user of the machine,
so it wont be able to use encrypted and used in another machine
–for that we can better create a ASSET in the orchestratorand create a asset of type CREDENTIALS that will store the username and password of the user you want
–here in the studio we can access that asset with GET CREDENTIALS activity where the username output will be of type string and password will be of type secure string

To mention the secure string as string we can use this expression in the password property of Get Imap Mail activity

System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, yoursecurestringvariable).Password

Cheers @shubhammahajan305