Access Denied for CSV file

Hi Team,

Im currently working on the Yearly report generation of the RPA advance exercise 2.
I am facing issue while reading the monthly csv report using CSV Read Range as im getting Access Denied error.

Later i found that the CSV file downloaded from the Internet explorer has the default Ownership of the company. If change the ownership manually to Personal the workflow is able to read the csv file.

Below are my question.

  1. Is there any way to read such ownership file in UIPAth

  2. Can we change the property of the file from the UIpath activity? So what is the method?

  3. Any internet option to disable the default ownership for the downloaded documents from Internet Explorer.


You will have to reach to your process owner for this and tell him the file which i download does not get accessed from me. so please give me all permission for it.


once you download it, make a copy of it, try reading in uipath, let’s see what happens

kindly let us know


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Hi Pankaj,

Thank you for your response.

I have the access to file and i can read as well as write. Only the issue is UIpath is unable to read the file if it has the Ownership with it.
If i change the ownership manually it is able to read the file.
But in run time it is not possible to change the file ownership. This is my concern. Hope you get what i wanted to convey.


If this is case then you will need to do uiautomation for checking permission once file is downloaded.

check if file has a read and write permission if not then mark right checkboxes.


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Hi Vishwas ,
Try going to file–>options–>trust centre–>trust centre settings.
Configure trusted publishers , trusted locations and trusted documents.Also check other applicable trust centre settings and change them .
I believe your problem will be resolved.Also check other applicable trust centre settings and change them .

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Thank you Pankaj & Shetan,

It is fixed now. Had to change the gpedit.msc for the Encryption of Documents.

Appreciate your effort in helping in future encounters.

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