Read CSV: Access to the path is denied

Hey guys, I’m trying to create an activity that reads multiple csv files, but when I run it, an error message appears:

Read CSV: Access to the path ‘C:\Users\cxmue\Documents\Wootric’ is denied.

The folder doesn’t have any kind of lock or anything like that. I’ve tried a few ways to solve the problem, but nothing works.

Any help is appreciated, thx!

Hello Uermura and welcome to UIPath :slight_smile:
Is the user folder related to user who run the script or another one also you can move the file to another path like for example D or E and try again and if the same problem please take screenshot from error and your activity properties


Do you indicate your file with an extension, like test.csv? If we indicate csv file without extension and there is a folder which name is same, this error will be thrown, for example.



Please try to do as below.

First get all the file names to a string using Directory.GetFiles(“Data/logs/”,“*.csv”)
get the full path of the file using Path.GetFullPath(item).ToString.

Then try to pass the value in the Read CSV activity. If still failing, try to put the csv to another location and try to check any restrictions. Also check you have Read,write access in that folder.

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