Academy2 - Assignment 1 - Try Parse - Invalid input value



I’m having a strange problem: UIDemo doesn’t allow me to type the decimal point in the CashIn/OnUsCheck/NotOnUsCheck fields.

I noticed that the robot entered very large values and then I tried it manually.

Any one else has this problem?



Got it working with the SimulateType option


Hi, did you get it to 100% work?

Using SimulateType I also got the correct values inserted but the “Total deposit” field never got updated. I tried to use click activities inside the 3 fields to trigger the update but that made the fields get invalid data if the original value wasn’t a interger.


To tell you the truth, I didn’t notice that. You are probably right.
It is probably a bug in the test app. I suggest ignoring it as it does not interfere too much with the process or with the targets of this exercise.


Getting the following error while executing the framework

“message”: “System error at initialization: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: mscorlib”
it is not moving to the Invoke InitAllApllication Workflow.

This is the value i provided for the dictionary while invoking UiDemo.xaml in InitAllApplication

can you help.


I noticed the same issue too!


see if you have the entry ‘logF_BusinessProcessName’ in your config file or not


Thnx @bogdan.gaspar…worked like a charm :slight_smile:


Thnx @DanielHolmes for the solution. I was wondering why I didn’t get any exception message…since there is a couple of CashIn values over 1000… :slight_smile:


Hi @DanielHolmes, why this condition Double.TryParse(CashIn, dbl_CashIn) And Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck, dbl_OnUsCheck) And Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck, dbl_NotOnUsCheck) has the following error; Expression must be writeable. Parameter name: left
? Thanks in advance!


Too much helpfull Daniel


I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve changed my variable type to System.Double but in my Flow decision i keep getting this error “Compiler error(s) encounter processing expression “Double.TryParse(Cashln, dbl_Cashln) AND Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck, dbl_OnUsCheck) AND Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck, dbl_NotOnUsCheck)” ‘Cashln’ is not declared it may be inaccessible due to it’s protection level”

Here is a link to my post