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Hi @Karan

Is it possible to use on premise orchestrator for Chat bot integration

because we are able to see below api key option in community cloud orchestrator but which was not able to see on-premise licence version.

could you please let me know,how we can get it.


Best Regards,

@Naveen.Ch - The preview currently supports Cloud Orchestrator only. We are working on adding support for on-prem orchestrator in a future update

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Hi @Karan @loginerror

Thank you for quick response.

In this case, we are not able to use chatbot functionality with On-premise licence?

Best regards,
Naveen C

@Naveen.Ch - That’s correct, the current version of the preview does not support creating connections to on-prem orchestrator

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hi @Karan
Thank you for confirmation
Could you let us know,
do you have any idea, when we can expect support for on-prem orchstrator licence?

best regards,