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Hi Team,

Uipath Apps seems to be a promising platform, which will definitely be a hit in the near future.
The product still seems to be in its early stages, so there’s always room for new features and improvements.

Here are few suggestions/recommendations related to Apps:

  1. Default values for a dropdown(A default list of values).
  2. Similar to “Start process”, the “Open page” event can have a condition to decide what can be done before start and after completion of page. Also, to wait for completion of the stage.
  3. Container sizing is limited to change at fixed proportional points(the width and height cannot be modified at any position)
  4. Direct integration with Data Services.
  5. Usage of basic .Net functions like starts with, ends with, etc.
  6. Secure textbox for password field(******)
  7. Basic validation for input fields like(Phone no. length, Number only, email format, mandatory field, etc)
  8. Publish apps as an executable(.exe) from cloud, instead of the current process to use electron wrap using external route.

Apps is a very interesting low-code/no-code platform offering the best way to make RPA a more reliant end-to-end process automation.