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We are very excited to share with you the latest news from UiPath Marketplace! :rocket: We know how enthusiastic the RPA Community is when it comes to automation and we want to help you in your efforts! :star2:

Today we have released a public Trello board containing automation ideas that we believe are not touched upon yet and would make an impact on everyone’s way of work. This comes as a result of a massive content review - we wanted to spot the gaps and allow everybody who wants to automate to be aware of what is missing.

To make it easier, we have released ideas that target UiPath Assistant - as you know, this product is dedicated to all categories of users, enabling them to automate many business processes, even without technical background. We plan to gradually add new ideas, designed for other UiPath Products as well.

The board allows you to vote for your favorite ideas, comment on specific cards and also submit new automation ideas, that you believe are valuable and would help you and the rest of the Community automate faster and better. As you will notice, the board is split into more columns to make the navigation easier and to clearly see all the statuses of an idea, from the moment when it’s being submitted / or picked up until it gets published on UiPath Marketplace. More information about the board can be found in the “Rules of the Board” column.

The UiPath Marketplace team will be moderating the board, which means in short that we will be reviewing submitted ideas, moving cards to their corresponding lists and assigning ideas to the publishers who announced that they are interested in developing them. Moreover, just like it is happening currently, we will be there to guide you through the submission-until-publishing journey on the Marketplace.

You can find the board for now in the Marketplace Guide inside UiPath Docs, more specifically here.

We hope to see you on the Trello board to connect and collaborate on your future automation projects! :robot:

Thank you,
The UiPath Marketplace Team


Hi @Andreea_Stroe

Is this replacing the “Product Feedback / Feature request” topic on the UiPath forum ?

Hi @AndresTarazona,

No, this is not replacing that topic, they are entirely different.


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Hi @Andreea_Stroe, So we just have to put ideas that can help new users to grasp on RPA ?

Hi @raheelferoze,

You can submit new ideas that you would like to see implemented and published on the UiPath Marketplace, or pick up an idea if you would like to implement it yourself, or vote for an existing idea that you see as valuable.

Hope this helps.
Thank you,

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Acknowledged, Thanks.

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Hello everyone,
Anyone working on one of the current ideas and that wants to share current progress/challenges?

Looking forward to seeing more of these ideas taking form and to seeing them in my Assistant and published on the Marketplace! :bulb: