UiPath Apps - Requesting for features


I have recently started learning UiPath Apps and observed few things while working on it,

  1. It will be better if we have a secure text option in a text box for the password, so while we are typing it during app execution we cannot see the password.
  2. Also if we can get the function suggestions in dropdown when we type it, rather than drag and drop every time, it will be great. It is bit difficult when we are dealing with many controls and entities.

Please do highlight if any of the above requested feature is already available.


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Hey @vaishnavi_velayutham

For the password point, Kindly see if this helps - How to hide the password field with asterisk (*) in UiPath Apps? - #5 by Nithinkrishna

The feature you have requested is completely valid, but just a workaround if something is needed as of now.


Hey @Nithinkrishna

Thanks, I will check this.

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I saved your suggestion in our internal backlog tracker so that our Apps team can consider it in the future.

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