About OCR in Chinese Language

Hi ,
If I want to use Traditional Chinese as the language in the ‘Get OCR Text’ activity, what should I type in the language space?

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Hi @Jean_Chiou

Check this link… it will help to get the languages…

Installing OCR Languages


Good evening Jean,

Please follow the instructions here [Installing OCR Languages] to install the language pack and enable it in UiPath.

Please let me know if this solution works for you.

Good evening @Lahiru.Fernando , @chenderson
Thank you reply soon. I am very appreciate.

I have a strange situation. Please refer this picture:

In this activity, I can read Traditional Chinese successfully, so I think it may have been installed already. But if I need to go that situation what I mentioned in the upper picture, it doesn’t work.

I am very confused.

@Lahiru.Fernando I have downloaded the language file you provided, but I couldn’t open it in my computer.:cry: