About checkbox and popup

Am trying to fill out This dummy application. here am booking a flight for particular set of users and am passing all the data required to fill this form from excel sheet.

here am sharing the excel am using…

Reg Excel.xlsx (10.8 KB)

and the flow i written in UiStudio is

FlightBooking.xaml (134.0 KB)

am facing problem while clicking check boxes and in popup ,Can anyone tell me whats wrong am doing here and if possible please share the correct flowchart for this ??


Can you provide the screen shot please ?

i have shared the code above …
it is in FlightBooking.xaml …
And i have shared the website also in (This) link…

@REKHASRPF - Actually that is just xaml file so we’re not able to check where exactly problem is… because informative screenshots are stored in .screenshots folder in your project folder.

However, I have run this code, its throwing error while selecting a country name from selectbox, reason is website gives some alert before selection of that country.

To solve this problem, you can take below approach.

  • Click on that popup “OK” button just after selecting country (If your uipath is not able to do click on this popup then install java extension)
  • Keep “True” in continue on error property in select box.

Please find attached workflow… FlightBooking.xaml (136.0 KB) Please update excel sheet path.

yes thank you it is working fine in case of popup but, it is not clicking on the check boxes even if am passing the condition true from excel.

That is case sensitivity issue, please change condition as below.


No that is not a issue here, for every click on check box the selector value is changing so, for the first click the flow is working fine but, for the next loop it will become unable to identify the selector.

if for the first click the check box selector value is


for the next click the selector value will change to this…


so the tablerow value is changing here…how can i handle it?? can anyojne help me please

As i can see from the above screenshot,the value of tableRow is changing.

Wildcards are symbols that enable you to replace zero or multiple characters in a string. These can be quite useful when dealing with dynamically-changing attributes in a selector.

Asterisk (*) – replaces zero or more characters
Question mark (?) – replaces a single character

so try using them,it may solve your problem

yes okay, But i don’t know how to use wildcards in click activity and am not getting what value i supposed to pass from excel to click that particular check box…
can you provide the screenshot of click activity and excel value?

Just make tableRow=‘*’ so that it will handle at all scenario .

In your scenario tableRow attribute is changing.so make tableRow=‘*’
if only signal digit is changing like 22,24,26,28 etc keeping the tenths place as same then you can make tableRow=‘2?’

i have two check boxes to click…both will be having same tablerow value starts with 20th series only like 21,23,26…i made tablerow value as ‘2?’ ,instead of clicking on second check box it is again clicking on first check box only

solution please…