Ability to easily skip timeout/delay/wait time in debug

I’m wondering if it would be possible to add an ability to easily skip delay/timeout/wait time when in debug…

When ever we’re waiting on something in Debug, if we could have a small popup with a count down for the wait/delay/time out with the ability to skip, it would be really helpful. When developing we might be using test data that are much smaller and which doesn’t require as much delays and being able to skip these without updating them or commenting them out would be really helpful, and could save quite a bit of time.



You can change the timeout value in project settings:


Thanks Athira, that is true, and very useful…

I still think that being able to just click skip after you’ve seen a step complete would be good to have… Considering that the time out is still the same throughout the process and you might have a few steps that needs that 30-60 second while you might have 10+ other steps where you could easily skip after 2-3 seconds. Yes, I guess someone could just add delays for the few reports that needs the extra time… I just don’t like the idea of playing with delays just for debugging (risk of pushing version with commented out delay in production)… and if you’re troubleshooting someone else process, you might not know before hand which delay you can comment out and were you might need to add delays in Debugging, if you lower the Debug timeout value.

Maybe it could be added as an option that could be enabled, in that setting page.

Thanks !

I don’t think you understood what those settings do. If you change the DEBUG settings in Studio, it only affects the DEFAULT timeouts when you are running in DEBUG mode. It has no impact on a published, running automation. It doesn’t comment anything out nor change anything in any other way.

Honestly, if you’re using a bunch of Delay activities, you’re doing it wrong. You should only ever have to use those very rarely.