Abby OCR issue

Hi Everyone,

I am getting this issue while using Abby OCR engine. Can someone help with this?

Do I need to install Abby FineReader for using this activity?

Hitesh M. Jeswani

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I guess you need to install both Abbyy FlexiCapture and Abbyy FineReader

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try installing Uipath.Abbyy.Actvities
or else you can use abbyy cloud OCR

@Pradeep_Shiv I have already installed Uipath.Abbyy.Actvities…

But still getting this error

did you try using Abbyy Cloud OCR

or else you install Abbyy FineReaderEngine11 or 12!

I have installed Abby FineReader 15 but still getting same error.

you installed in manage packages too?

Yes i did…

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try using Abbyy OCR