A tab is not getting clicked in a website

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In the below given screenshot i need to click on the Reports tab. So first i am doing an Exist Element and then Click activity. But that Reports is not being clicked sometimes. Also I selected the entire box and did a Text Exists check and then tried Click Text activity but the Text Exists check itself returning False. So what should we do in this case ? And also when should we use Element Exist and when Text exist check. Similarly for Click and Click Text.


Kindly try once with CLICK IMAGE activity
Cheers @kkpatel

can you please share the URL of the website for checking the issue if it is not confidential or else Please use retry scope activity in the condition you have to keep the element exist part and in the action place you can place the cilck activity.

Please confirm Simulate Click property is checked…!


I think its selector issue. Can you retry the click activity and double check the selector properties. If it’s dynamically changed you should fix the selector or else delete your existing activity and redo the same procedure.

Make sure double check the properties section “SimulateClick” its should checked in.

Thanks @Palaniyappan, Its working now. But is it good to go for Click Image ? Won’t it create problem when we migrate code to different environments ?

And what if the resolution of other system is different ?


We can adjust that we the scale property in the click image activity buddy
Make sure that the screen is set to maximised window so that we can avoid most of the error due to click image

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