A help on how to organize a WF

Hi to All,
I would need some help to understand how to organize an automation job.
I explain the operation:
the goal is to insert contracts on Salesforce, but, after having performed some checks.

Very quickly to understand the flow: From the list of tax codes to be entered, I search for the customer in SFDC.
If the registry is already present, the reasons are 2:

  • previous insertion, went KO
  • other orders for the same customer already entered.

If the customer is already present, I land on a table like this:

Before placing the order, however, I have to check if the order I am placing has not already been entered, in the meantime, by someone else.

The human, what it does: enters each order of the list, reads some details of the offer and then understands if it is the same or different from that of the list.
He does this for all the lines of the grid and therefore only if none of the orders are identical to the one he is entering, he proceeds with adding the new contract.

Here, my question is: how do I organize this? that is, how do I do all the checks on each row first and then determine if I should enter the new contract?

That is, I know how to enter each order, I can read the details, I can understand if the order I am analyzing is the same or different, but I don’t know how to “store” this information, up to the last row of the table, to determine only the the end, how to proceed.

Can anyone help me with this?

Hey @AaronMark

Sorry, The help you are looking here is not clear.

This can be done and you should be building the logic in UiPath.

ReFramework will be one good option to go with & if you face any challenge please let us know.

Hope that helps.