A backup functionality

Hi, it would be very helpful (and perhaps even necessary) to have the ability to backup (and restore) all data in the dataservice. In case of unexpected behaviour and for debug purposes. Is this planned to be build in the near future?

i dont think this is in a road map

In that case, is there any good way of making (and restoring) backups of the data? I tried reading all tables and store them in an excel. However, I encountered various issues, such as relational columns that are not retrieved correctly. Also, we cannot create one workflow that retrieves all records from one table, since everything in studio must be hardcoded.

you can use store buckets for this but idk well how it works, in the ocrchestrator you gon see

You can store files in the storage bucket, but can you also directly store data from the Data Service?

yeah for sure, you need configurate some things but it is possible

Great, I would like to know how. Can you maybe explain it, or redirect me to a place where this is explained?

here https://docs.uipath.com/pt-BR/orchestrator/standalone/2023.4/user-guide/managing-storage-buckets

Hi @natanael.mendes I know how storage buckets work, but how can we save the data from the data service somewhere and use it later to restore the data service with this data?