UiPath Data Service Academy Course

UiPath Data Service provides a business yet user-friendly service where you can securely store and manage your business data within UiPath, allowing you to build automations that can leverage capabilities like rich relational data types, integrated security, and instantaneous provisioning and deployments while taking scale into account.

We have published a new course to showcase how can RPA Developers and Solution Architects work with complex business data and need an easy way to better structure and store the information.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Explain the key concepts: Data Service, Entity, Entity Field, Relationship and Entity Record;

  • Define Entities, Fields and Relationships in Data Service;

  • Enable personal worskpaces at user level, in Orchestrator;

  • Use Entities to structure data in your projects;

  • Store data in new Entity Records in Data Service and query existing Records.

Access the Data Service Course here.

Happy Learning,
The UiPath Academy Team


This is a great Training course. I finished it just yesterday and was able to complete the Practice tests with the extra credit challenges. :slight_smile:

I had one question though. Since finishing the course, I created a full-fledged Data Services structure on my Orchestrator instance. But if I wanted to implement this structure across multiple Orch instances, how would I do it?

Is there a migration utility I can use to migrate just the structure?