77,71 as number variable

I am trying to make 77,71 (or any value with a comma) into number format.
This should be done, so that Excel recognizes that it is a number when I import the value.

Do someone know a fix of this?

77,71 isnt an integer.

If you are looking at decimals i.e. 77.71

Are you looking for 7771 as the number? if no just find and replace , with nothing.

I am looking for a variable that recognizes 77,71 as a number, so that both Excel and UiPath can use the same number variable.

So if you want to keep that as a value, just save it as a string variable because 77,71 isnt a number.

This is what i have right now.

But the problem is, that when this value is being pasted into Excel, then it will not be recognized as a number (without having to edit it in Excel afterwards).

I wish to have the data pasted as the white row, but it is being pasted as the blue row right now.

Can you Check Preserve Format option for Read Range/Read Cell(which ever command you are using) and try?

if you can amend the string, add ’ before so '77,71 this usually preserves formatting.

Is it possible in Get OCR Text?

I have uploaded the UiPath workflow below
ExchangeRates.xaml (12.2 KB)

By adding the ’ It will for sure stay as a text format. But I want Excel to recognize it as a number.

What does the number represent? does it need to have the , in it? or can you amend it? is it one number or are they 2 separate numbers

Also is there a reason why you are using Get OCR Text an not extract structured data?

I need the 77,71 to stay as it is. So just making it into a number format.

I used Get OCR Text in order to only get the one cell value.

On the website it appears to be a decimal point though? is get ocr text turning it into a comma?

I have just used data scraping which returns the whole table and it provides back the numbers as 77.71

US dollars,USD,671.60,670.10
Pounds sterling,GBP,839.09,837.41
Swedish kronor,SEK,71.13,70.90
Norwegian kroner,NOK,77.71,77.47
Swiss francs,CHF,679.30,679.74
Japanese yen,JPY,6.2129,6.1996

Hmm it might be a question of what language my windows 10 is set up to - I guess.

I am having it in Dansih where we use the decimal separator as a comma. I am guessing that the reason for my troubles is, that I can under no circumstances have it as a number variable if there is a comma decimal separator. But if I change it to a dot decimal separator, i guess that UiPath will make it a number BUT my Excel will say that it is not.

But thanks for trying to help me out. I really appreciate it!

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You can change your value from string with comma to dot decimal separator then use Cdbl to convert it correctly, your column datatype should be double not string. Then in excel it should recognise it as a number

Use CDBL(value) to store this value into the variable.