404 error updating queueItem using Put with OrchestratorAPI

Hi all,
I want to postpone a queueItem that is in New status by ising the QueueItems_PutByID process outlined in orchestrator_/swagger/index.html#/QueueItems/QueueItems_PutById (15.0)

I’ve worked out that where a Key is required, this actually refers to the queueItem.ID rather than the queueItem.Key.

I have run a test directly from Swagger.

When I do a GET to /odata/QueueItems({key}) where {key} is the id number of the New queue item, and X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId is the id of the shared folder, I receive a success 200 response, and I can see my queueItem is pulled correctly.

However, when I switch to doing a PUT using exactly the same details, it returns a 404 error

"message": "string does not exist.",
  "errorCode": 1002,

Any ideas/ suggestions?

I’ve checked permissions and confirmed Robots have Queues Edit and Transactions Edit permissions:

Solved it thanks to Priyanka Bhalere’s video here: UiPath Orchestrator API Using Orchestrator HTTP Request Activity | Part 10 | Edit QueueItem - YouTube

It isn’t a 404 for the request URL. The issue is that the “Name” field in the json payload has to match the name of the queue that the queue item is in.

To be fair, this is exactly what the documentation in swagger says. I had just been assuming that the 404 related to the request URL, not to the content of the payload :slight_smile:

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