400 Bad Request

Resolution for "400 Bad Request" thrown when accessing the Orchestrator URL.

400 Bad Request error happens when a server cannot understand a request.

Troubleshooting steps of the error:

Corrupted Browser Cache & Cookies

  1. Clear the cache and history from the browsers and try to browse the Orchestrator URL.
  2. Try with different browsers to access the Orchestrator.

URL String Syntax

Verify the URL of the Orchestrator and try with actual URL example (https://orchestrator.com). Do not try with full URL (https://orchestrator.com/example/account/login?returnUrl=%2F) .

DNS Lookup Cache

System might be storing outdated DNS records that are causing the errors. Flushing of the DNS records might help solve the problem

  1. Open command prompt in administrator mode and run ipconfig /flushdns command

  1. Restart Your Computer and Other Equipment
  2. Restart the Computer that would remove all the caches and browse the URL of the Orchestrator.

If the issue still remains, then gather the below information and share it with UiPath Support,

  • What is the Authentication Provider being used? (Microsoft, Google, Okta, Azure) ?
  • How many users encounter the same error message ?
  • What is the URL of your Orchestrator ? (Account Logical Name)
  • If the issue is affecting single-user Authentication then what is the email of the user who is facing the issue?
  • Share a HAR file by reproducing the issue again on your end. Refer to the below document on how to generate a HAR file.