25th Package Publishing in UiPath Connect - Thank You All

Hi all ,
Thank you very much . With your support I have published my 25th package in UiPath Connect.
I must thank all forum users that to shared their problems and issue. Some of them inspire me to develop some new components (even a package). And I thank to UiPath Connect Team and @Andreea_Stroe, @Forum_Staff and all UiPath Team members.


Special thanks to all forum users

Thank you


Nicely done! It takes a lot of creativity and hard work to build even a few components, but 25 is going above and beyond.

Great work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @Anthony_Humphries

Your consistent contributions are awesome, keep it up!

In fact, if you are hungry for ideas, we’ve started to mark some topics with ideas about our open-source activity packages with a #pr-welcome tag.

Therefore, if you ever feel slower on creativity, feel free to go to these topics for inspiration on how to improve our open source activity packs (such as Database package or FTP package).


Thank you @loginerror.

Yes. Already I saw the open source package. Definitely I will do on there. But I have to finished my pending plans to the UiPah Marketplace. Lots of things are in pending…

Thank you

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