21.4.4 - issue with UI element detection

new update not stable, we are getting any where error just like (selection not visible,selection no longar valid)

any option for this error

@Ram_Gurav1 when are you getting these errors? When using any specific activities? Can you please share a screenshot?

getting below error

The bot stopped at following activity:
Type Into Order No (CSO header)
The following error occurs:
The UiElement is no longer valid
please see in attached image CSO No text box is active but still getting error from uipath

The bot stopped at following activity:
Click Before type CSO
The following error occurs:
Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

The bot stopped at following activity:
Click Before type
The following error occurs:
Cannot get the screen rectangle of this UI node. A possible reason might be that the element is not visible.

please suggest what to do for above all errors from last update we are getting this error any where

@Ram_Gurav1 what version of UIAutomation.Activities package you had before upgrading to 21.4.4? Thank you

Can you share a screenshot of your project dependencies with the UIAutomation.Activities dependencies expanded? Something like: