Zero detector at variable start

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I have a problem, I need to know how I can detect if a value has a zero at the beginning


variable = 1
and since it doesn’t have a zero at the beginning, I need

note = string variable

and I also want it to be vice versa for other cases


variable = 01
turn it to 1

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I guess what you are trying to say is that you want to eliminate the “0” at the beginning of the integer variable.

input- 02
Output - 2

input - 03456
output - 3456

input- 00004
output - 4

Please confirm and let me know if this is what you want.

If above is the case, all you can do is:-

string input_variable = 093

int Result = Cint(input_variable)

If you try printing the value of the variable Result in the message box, you will get the value 93.

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Hi @borismh

You can read this article to address your issue.

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if I want to detect first if it has a zero at the beginning of the variable and from that point delete it or create a zero at the beginning

@borismh, If I understood correctly, you want to delete “0” from string and return the result. If so you can use replace method.

e.g. stringVariableName = stringVariableName.Replace(“0”, “”)

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ok, but to detect if it has a zero at the beginning, since this would be my conditioner

@borismh, if you are ok with first character you can use substring method.

E.g. stringVariableName.Substring(0,1) = “0”

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ready until that part is done, but now I just want to add 0 to variables that are only from 1 to 9, there is some way thank you very much


Please try using variable.TrimStart("0"c)

This will trim any leading 0s from the value.


if you only need the number without “0” on the left you only have to make a convertion to double or int like this =
variable1= Cint(“01”)
now variable1 will be equal to 1 and you can convert it to string again
strVariable = variable1.toString()

Now you can continue doing whatever you want with it

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Here’s a solution for removing leading zeroes with regular expressions.

One zero
System.IO.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace("^0", String.Empty)

All leading zeroes
System.IO.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace("^0+", String.Empty)


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