Remove first 0 in number of 1-9

Hi all,

I have a digit 09 and i want to remove 0 from this digit .when i tried it removed 9 not zero.
can you please give me the solution regarding this.

Hi @Meenakshi6246

Check the attached workflow. It removes all the leading zeros in front.

RemoveLeadingZero.xaml (4.5 KB)

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Hi @Meenakshi6246

If your variable is integer use absolute method(ABS) to remove the zero’s.
If variable is String use replace method to remove Ex. Variable.Replace(“0”,“”)

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Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando its working fine. but i don,t know how to mark the solution.

@Meenakshi6246 there is a small tick just below my answer on the top. Once you click on it it will turn green saying its the solution

For myself, i prefer to convert this in int and write this one, witch mean if you’ve got something like 0010 you keep getting 10 in one assign
Value = CInt(Value).toString
Here the example Example.xaml (4.5 KB)

Use trim and other thing is a good option, but with the cint, i’m sure to not interfare with the real value of the string.

Your option to choose what solution is the best for you :slight_smile: