I am trying to convert pdf file to xml file, I request how can we do it?


Check this solution to convert pdf to xml.


install UiPath.WebAPI.Activities from manage packages.

have you got the solution?

for the clear understanding I have download the package and deserialise it . it throws error line 1 no node etc…

can you share the code?

its not the solution for the question.

Hi Uipath Bot creators, I am facing the issue can any one resolve this?

Hello @Mohammed_Junaid ,

I am not aware of free solutions/packages available

There is a paid solution to export pdf to xml, in the marketplace.

Add the same time, I had a scenario few months ago.
I needed to extract information from few hundreds pdf files, each with more than 100 pages, in 2 columns. For me the solution was to use a trial of Adobe Pro.
1 robot was created to open the pdf and export it to XML via Adobe PRO
1 robot was used to extract the information needed from the resulted xml files.

Just an idea.


Hi Wasea,
Thanks for the reply, for an example how much does the paid version software or this package cost?

Hi Wasea,
Thanks for help, And as you said we need the install third parties software to convert from pdf to xml from website (ex) adobe pro, etc… I have check PDF.co website cost little high compare to other software.

Out of the box or a free solution, I am not aware.

In the scenarios that I had few months ago, for those specific files, the Adobe pro was the best in exporting to XML in a good format. Adobe Pro have a monthly fee, maybe this is good for your process.

If you process is important, you might need to invest some money in a third party application.


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