XML Extract Data

I have an XML in which I have to extract several tags

I need to filter this information in order to be able to assemble it in SQL.
I hope you can help me
This is my XML



lets assume the specific XML Values will be extracted and stored within an intermediate format (e.g. DataTable) for a later processing.

The Element “line” is a repeating element and occurrs in the sample 2 times (Quantitiy is to grab from this)

So we would assume that the XML extraction will produce 2 record sets.

Is this understanding matching your requirements? If not please elaborate on the exact output of this sample example.


If it is totally as you describe it



lets introduce an approach which is using datatables for configuring the extraction with the help of XPath:

Readin XML, parse to XObject (Ensure via dependency manager UiPath.WebApi.Acitivities is referenced):


Build the Extraction Config for the static part and the dynamic (lines) part:

add dynamicly the different columns to the extrac Datatable for later holding the extracted values:

Iterate of the extract config for the statics , extract the value and store it to a datarow (created with dtExtract.NewRow).

Retrieve all line elements:

  • iterate now over all line elements
  • create a DataRow (drExtractRow) for holding the extraction result
  • transfer with one go the extraction result of the statics to the drExtractRows
    drExtractRow.ItemArray = drStaticPart.ItemArray (So we can reuse the static part again without multiple redundant extractions)
  • iterate over the extraction config for the dynamics and extract the values
  • finally add drExtractRows to the Datatable dtExtract


as it was an adoption from here:

with the help of webtools (F12) in Browser the remaining XPath statements can be grabbed:

ensure also following:

Find starter help here:
StaticDynamicRetrieval_ByXpathConfig.xaml (17.9 KB)

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