Xls to xls problem


I want to import data from Excel.xls file into Excel.xlsx. When I manually “Save As”, the data is transferred successfully, but when I “Save As” to the robot via shortcuts, the dots and commas in the data get mixed up. How can the robot change the data even though it doesn’t touch any data (like copy, paste)? Can you help me please? (I put shortcuts workflows picture)

Hi @heyium

While Reading the Excel file

In the properties → Enable the Preserve format


HI @heyium

Enable modern in your activities panel

  • Excel process Scope
    • Use Excel
      • Save excel file as
        Follow the same as the image below and try once


But I am not using range reading activity. I am opening the xls file from Excel Application Scope. Then I click the shortcuts File>Export>Change File Type>xlsx>Save As.Preformatted text

You can try the method i have shown here

thank you, i’m trying

Hi @heyium

  1. Use Read range activity and store the data in the DT.

  2. Use Write range activity and pass the DT


In the same way, the dot was converted to a comma. :frowning: @Sudharsan_Ka

Try this way @heyium

Can you share the Image again it is not loaded @heyium

Close your excel file and run the process

Hi @heyium

Close all the excel files and run the process


Use Kill Process activity

same error again :frowning: @Sudharsan_Ka @Gokul001

Hello @heyium

Initially you need to use Kill Process and close all the excel sessions.
Use Read Range activity and read the data from excel1.xls (DT1)
Use Write Range Activity and Write the data to Excel1.xlsx

Instead of using save as you can do as above.

Share the screenshot of the Error @heyium

Check out the XAML file

XLStoXLSX.xaml (6.7 KB)

Note → Update the excel file path and sheet name in the activity


doesnt work :frowning:

Share the sample excel file with us @heyium

Are you sure you are the only one using that file?

or it is somewhere in the sharedrive and the client will access it something like that?

In the excel scope you are reading the file and getting the output to datatable DT1

Then outside of Excel scope start a new Excel scope and open the excel.xlsx file and then use Write range activity.