Wrong format of decimal numbers when reading csv - possibly bug

I understand! Thank you, man :wink:

So, if I want to use WriteRangeEXCEL, I need to setup my own culture at the beginning of the process to replace global?


If we change CurrentCulture of the thread using the following expression, it might also work.(Sorry but I’ve not tried.) However, please note that it may affects any other behaviors except writing Excel. So, I usunally keep CurrentCulture as Invariant, even though my environment is Japanese locale.

System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture=New System.Globalization.CultureInfo("ES-es")


Sorry, just thinking…shouldn’t activities ‘WriteRangeEXCEL’ and ‘WriteRangeWorkbook’ do the same thing regardless which Culture is used?

Still can’t get the reason why WRE can not write the data in the correct format, and WRW can :confused:


These activities can write datatable to excel file, however uses different technologies. WriteRangeExcel writes datatable using Excel Application via COM. On the other hand, WriteRangeWorkbook writes datatable to xlsx file using 3rd party library such as ClosedXML, NPOI etc. So, sometimes their result may be different. (locale matter is one of them).


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