Wrong answer UiPath ADP test exam?

Hello there,

I have answered (and tested this question in Studio) this question:

I have selected the option Continue, which indeed executes the Log Message activity for the remaining items and makes Debugger finish the For Each Row in Data Table activity. It seems this is wrong answer but studio proves it otherwise:

Hi @aaguirrearanguren ,
You can feeback to Academy
@Forum_Staff Could you please help him

Hi @aaguirrearanguren

Actually Continue is the option and your answer is correct.

You can actually inform it to academy staff. @loginerror and @Forum_Staff Could you please help him with that.


Isn’t it implied in the question that it is supposed to stop at the next activity after the loop, in which case I assume it should be the Step Over button instead?

But please contact our academy support for assistance here, it might indeed require some clarification.

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5hanks for your assistance.


Step over will not execute the remaining iterations at once

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Indeed! I assume our Academy team has been notified via a ticket, and our team will have a look at fixing it :slight_smile: