Writing the lookup data into file is very slow

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I have a workflow where I have 2 files dsr.xls as the transaction file and MT.xlsx as the master template.
I am doing a vlookup and there are around 2000 rows in the transaction table and activity works fine.
Unfortunately the time taken is close to 10 mins and it is not a great since we are automating a manual process. I am adding the .xaml file, if anybody can suggest some other logic to reduce the time taken to write the data would be of great help. I have to update 3 more columns like these so it would definitely increase the time 3 fold.


dsr.xls (639.5 KB) MT.xlsx (15.7 KB) Format DSR.xaml (14.8 KB)

Hi @manjesh_kumar ,

Please try to update your datatable data, after the For Each activity, when all checks are done and write it at once.
I’m afraid that updating the excel file each time when you are finding the lookup data is time consuming

The updated .xaml file: Format DSR.xaml (15.2 KB)

Hope this helps
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Dear @Marius_Puscasu ,
This works fine and also the processing is also much faster.
I need 1 clarification, where in the assign row.item(30) is static, how can use the column name which would be dynamic if the end user in future when he/she is downloading the data from the source adds another extra column and this will write wrong data.


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