Writing into a new col (spreadsheet or data table)

Hi all,

I am trying to loop through a DT and write data into a newly created column.

  1. I use table data scraping to obtain data that looks like this

Column-3 Column-4 Action Summary
Appointment Pending David Trump (Tump-D) as Director
Appointment Pending Griffiths (GRIFFITH-O_1) as Director

  1. I then add a new col to the data table called DirectorID
  2. then loop through DT and use RegEx to find the text between ( )

However I cant figure out how to write my newly created DirectorID into the column for the right row


You can write into Datatable as below

Use ForEach Row activity → create a variable in Index

Use Assign Activity
DT.Rows(index).Item("ColumnName").Tostring = "Text you need to set"

For Reference you can check below post

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Thank you!

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