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I have a doubt here, for an Example. I have to copy paste a share price daily with date.
If row one shows 18th March price means, row two should display 19th share price and row three should 20th share price.

I created to copy paste the share price for one date. If I run this tomorrow it is generating a new file with tomorrow date, instead of writing in next row of same sheet. Please advise.

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You can use the activity append range. That activity will write on the next empty row of the workbook.


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Can you send a sample excel file? @abhilash.lohithakshan7

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What u can try is

Let say u had excel file having details of upto yesterday

Now u need to capture today’s data

What u had to do is

  1. Read the excel file and store in dt1

  2. Capture the data from web and then input to the datatable as a new row by using Add Data Row activitiy.

  3. Use write range to write the updated datatable to same excel file

Try this way


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