Writing dataTable to a single row of Excel

Hello there,
I have a problem where I am given an input sheet, using which I have to extract some data from web page. This extracted data is in 4X3 tabular form(see attached screenshot). Now I have to save all value of this data table in a single row. I am unable to find the logic to proceed with. Please help.DataRespectiveToRow1 inputSheet

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Find some starter Help on dynamicly bring a DataTable into a list of Objects:
CompleteTable_To_List.xaml (6.4 KB)

the list can be used for:

  • dynamicly creating the new columns
  • adding to the rows / col values of the Target Datatable

Thanks @ppr for your suggestion.
I understand that the mentioned xaml will put all the items of datatable into a list.
But, I am still unable to figure out, how to add these values in the required manner.
Can you please help with it?

Thanks again.