I need write Data table column value into single line

Hi frds ,

Am getting Read column A2:A10 output form Excel as

But I need to write in single line. Like- " 1111_2222_3333_4444 "
If you know the answers pls share me that code

hlo dude

kindly refer the code.
Automation_Challenge.xaml (12.2 KB)
challenge.xlsx (13.7 KB)

probably best way is:

string.join("_",dataTable.Rows.Cast(of DataRow).Select(function(row) row(columnIndex).tostring))

columnIndex should be an integer with de column

if you want more than one row you can join them manually (row(1).tostring+row(2).tostring)) or in case you want to select just some rows you can use take and skip

string.join("_",dataTable.Rows.Cast(of DataRow).Select( function(row) string.join(row(columnIndex).ItemArray…skip(2)Take(10)))) imagine you have 20 columns you will take values between column 3 and column 13.

done using read cell activity