Writing data back to the queue

Is it possible to write data back to the queue? I have a few columns I defined in the ItemInformation collection that are added to the queue as blank. I then read a few fields from a webpage into data variables. It would be nice to write the results back to the empty items in the queue so when I look at the transactions in Orchestrator, I can see all the data there. Is this possible? I don’t see an activity that will do this under Queue Items.



That’s incorrect - what you have described is adding a new item. Original question is to update the item in the queue during the processing, which is not possible with current activities, data stored is write-once.

There will be dedicated fields that can be updated (Progress), but AFAIK they’re not ready yet. Either way original SpecificContent is not and (again - AFAIK) will not be updateable.

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Hey @andrzej.kniola,

Is it still impossible to update the item in the queue during the processing?