Writecell range - replace

I wanted replace certain cell value for example

A Column contains “XYZ” wanted to replace in column B as “TTT”
A Column contains starting with “Agile” wanted to replace in column B as “PPP”

I tried but it does not work and header of column is “lookup combination”,“result” as XYZ Replace with updated and starting with “*Agile” replace with PPP


((inputDT.Replace("{Lookup Combination}",“XYZ”)).Replace("{Result}",“Updated”))

pls suggest the string

i am getting issue that replace is not a member, how to resolve it.

Use datatable functions… For your scenario…

Use for each row and loop each row of the dt

 Then check with if that row(0).Tostring.Equals("XYZ")
           Then assign.  Row(1).Tostring = "TTT"

Similarly for next condition