Write the file type in the excel Column

Hi Developers,

Actually I try to Write the file type in the excel Column

In the column one File_path type want to write the in the Cell 2

like Pdf, Jpg

Process Work Flow:

in_dt_Count value is “0”


Try filepath.Split("."c)(1) for file extension.

Actually i know How to write the cell value in cell string


I guess you need to use index property in for loop to change the cell number dynamically


CAN you plz explain briefly

Hi @krishnapriya_Anu ,

Can you please try Path.GetExtension to get the extension type.

Please refer screenshot below, you can give index in For each loop,


above image, it’s index+2, not 1.

Sandhiya P

Index is a structure type and type and can’t be used as a expression

Hi @krishnapriya_Anu

Check out the XAML file

16.10.2023_Forum_1.xaml (10.4 KB)


Please open the properties of for loop…and you would see an index property there…assign an integer to it and use that …the index property basically is the row index or the item index in the loop which starts from 0 by default

Hope this clarifies


Hi @krishnapriya_Anu ,

We can create a variable of type Index, in the properties of For each.

Can you please check and let me know if you face any issue.

Sandhiya P