Write string into Excel with bold string

Hello everyone,

Anyone can help me for writing a string with Bold format into the excel?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Brian_Henokh1

You can use the following macro to achieve the result:

Sub SampleMacro()
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In Worksheets
Range("Your Range").Select
    Selection.Font.Bold = True
End Sub

In addition, you can refer the following resource for more insights on this:

Hope this helps,
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Can you try FormatCells activity as the following?


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Normally for such requirements we would apply the format in the target Excel document beforehand, and the robot would just be in charge of writing out the data and the format would be applied by Excel.

If you must do the formatting using Excel, you can use the Format Cells activity in UiPath.

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@Yoichi @yikwen.goo thanks in advance for the response

currently Iā€™m using the oldest version so that insight is not compatible to my UiPath now.

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