How to change certain words in a cell to bold in excel?

Hi all,

How can I convert certain words in a cell(for eg: A2) to bold in excel?

For eg, if i have the following sentence in Cell A2, “Please format the following text to bold .”

I have to convert “format” and “text” to bold in the above sentence

How can I do that?

Hello @Krithi1

Please use Format cell activity.
You can ch age the colors and font style using this activity in excel.

But that works only to change the entire cell format correct? I need to change the format only for certain words in the cell

I don’t think its possible with format cell activity.

Yeah, any other solutions?

Hi @Krithi1 ,

Check the Below Example Workflow : (11.9 KB)

Let us know if it doesn’t work as Expected.

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Thank you very much. That worked great.

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