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I am extracting cell range by using lookup range activity. And I already have another source data to paste in the specific cell that I got through lookup range. Could some one help me to how to write syntax in write range activity (from the B4 cell I need to write)… Below are the image references.Processing: 16983938900894329576513259550257.jpg…

If possible, you can try to use Append Range. If you still want to use Excel, checkout the below link:

But here data is dynamic in excel sometimes it can be in other coloumn . So here i am uable to write the data as well by using lookup range (outpoot varibale). But i need to write it from the B4. i just need the syntax how to Increment the cell value.

Hi @Pushpendra_kowthavarapu

In Write Range activity mention the range as “B4” then it writes the data from B4 cell.



May I know how are you trying to write?

Are you using a loop or are you trying to write a datatable from B4 directly?


Can’t pass the static value in the range because sometimes it changes. where i extracted a specific cell through lookup range. From the lookup range +1 cell i need to write it.

I am using datatable only. The thing is I am able to write the data as well by giving lookup range output variable in write range activity.So how I have to add +1 cell to loopup range output variable.


You can do like this

Say the output of lookup which is cell number stored in variable str then use assign like this

Str = system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(str,"\D+") + (Cint(system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(str,"\d+")) + 1).ToString

This will increment the cell number from for example B4 to B5

Hope this helps


Trying to assign it to string but still getting error . My lookup range output is variable(Cellvalue).Could you please tell me how to assign it and increment it to +1.