How to write a data to the excel columns which has two tables


I am trying to write data to empty cell according to the row name. Based on the Row name Bord: write 1000 in the empty cell in the row and continue writing to the data table.

Please help me with the suggestions.

Hi @Balesh,

Use the activity “Lookup Range”. This activity searches in a specified range for the coordinates of a cell with a certain value and returns them as String variables. What will you do or how will this activity help? Well, if you search for the first value of the header which in your case is “Count of Unbilled by MI” something like that it will return that cell coordinate let’s say it’s A1. Now we need to search for the last value which is the footer. It can be “-” or if you have something more reliable you can use it. Now you will use read range to read that range you will read from where you found the header to where you found the footer of that DataTable. In the read range you will input in the read range header + “:” + footer. The result will be you having a datatable from that specific range to where you want. Now, how do I type in it? Just use a for each activity and type in it using the assign activity. Like this: Row(TodaysDateVariable) = “the value or variable you want”

I hope I was able to explain it correctly.

Thank you rmunro. I will try and let you know.