Write range activities : need to keep number and format after write data to new sheet

Hi Everyone,
i have an issue after write data to new sheet.

  1. i have big data and original file is 05678

  2. Write to new sheet but result is 5678

  3. i have work around :-
    3.1 with Conv = “’” + Stringdata.tostring. result is '05678
    3.2 Change format cells to text but result is '05678 (i’m not sure it’s original from this activities)

  4. as i checking before writing data return 05678 with Message box

Expected i need 05678 not '05678

Thank you in advance :pray:

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Create one template excel file and define column data as Text and then write your data into it.

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Try using Write Range activity from System >> File >> Workbook. You should use the Read Range activity under the System too.


Hi @KannanSuresh
Working fine. Can you share link or explain what is different between Write Range in Excel application scope and Write Range activity from system?

Thank you so much.:pray:

Cannot find any documentation with this regard. I think it is because of the way UiPath have coded both activities. Excel write range and read range has to reside within an Excel Application Scope. However, the other one does not need an application scope.

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