Write number in excel




i would like to write numbers inside a workbook as a number and not as general value.

Does anyone knows how to do it?



After Using Write cell activity follow the below steps…
By using Send hotkey activity you can change the value type to Number…
Like Alt+Shift+F10+C This is Keyboard shortcut to change Text value to Number…




You must use Format Value Activity to change the Format.
But the Entered Variable is in Generic Value and change the format by using format Type List box…



I have the same problem as @leonardoancora.
I have to change the format of text into a number of a selected column

Can you kindly attach me a simple xaml of how to do it by using hotkeys?
Thank you so much @Hemanth


I couldn’t do it either.
Have you found any way/workaround?



Yes…I did it by recording activities in Excel.
If you want I can attach my xaml.


It’d be very helpful =)


Sorry if i am a little bit strict. However, the correct way to this its with Format Value (As @poovarasan2 said).

The basic example is:

  1. Create a “Generic Value” variable
  2. Assign it a value (Any format whould be acceptable)
  3. Format value to define how you have wrote the value
  4. Write it to excel with a write cell

Using shortcuts its great if other solutions didn’t work however if you use a lot of workarounds then the process becomes unstable.

In case you wanna write lot of values with “write range” another solutions arise in order to write a lot of data in short periods of time. But thats problems for the future me :slight_smile: