Write number in excel


i would like to write numbers inside a workbook as a number and not as general value.

Does anyone knows how to do it?


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After Using Write cell activity follow the below steps…
By using Send hotkey activity you can change the value type to Number…
Like Alt+Shift+F10+C This is Keyboard shortcut to change Text value to Number…



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You must use Format Value Activity to change the Format.
But the Entered Variable is in Generic Value and change the format by using format Type List box…



I have the same problem as @leonardoancora.
I have to change the format of text into a number of a selected column

Can you kindly attach me a simple xaml of how to do it by using hotkeys?
Thank you so much @Hemanth

I couldn’t do it either.
Have you found any way/workaround?


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Yes…I did it by recording activities in Excel.
If you want I can attach my xaml.

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It’d be very helpful =)

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Sorry if i am a little bit strict. However, the correct way to this its with Format Value (As @poovarasan2 said).

The basic example is:

  1. Create a “Generic Value” variable
  2. Assign it a value (Any format whould be acceptable)
  3. Format value to define how you have wrote the value
  4. Write it to excel with a write cell

Using shortcuts its great if other solutions didn’t work however if you use a lot of workarounds then the process becomes unstable.

In case you wanna write lot of values with “write range” another solutions arise in order to write a lot of data in short periods of time. But thats problems for the future me :slight_smile:

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