Write fields in a document type contract (WORD)

Hello! I need to write data to a contract in a word document with UiPath. The field has no selector. I tried “click OCR text” to put the focus on the correct field and write with “write text” but it doesn’t work, the robot writes outside the field. I’ve also tried the “replace text in document” activity, but it only works if the field has content, not if it’s blank and I want to replace some of the previous text. Do you know of a way to write over a field in a Word document like Contract?


Try CV Type in to activity


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you can use (Set Bookmark Content ) activity from work package

firstly you need to create a book mark for word document on need field then use this activity


For mare details you can check this vedio

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Hello @ereinapo

Is it a static format? If yes , you can use bookmark feature in word and the word package in UiPath to do it.

Hello @ereinapo

  • If you are updating different values to the same document every time then it would be better to save this document with some static /temporary values in the blank fields.
  • Use Replace Text in Document activity to update the static values with the new ones every time the bot access it

Thank you very much for the answers. The bookmark functionality seems very interesting, the problem is that the robot don’t work on a template, but rather the robot downloads a new contract each time, the contract is already completed but some extra data needs to be filled in.
The robot download a contract online for each worker, I cannot create a template with the bookmarks.

I’m trying the CV option, although I can’t get it to work well, when the robot write it, locates the field but it double-clicks or something like that and it deletes the entire line of text.