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Hi everyone,
I have a flow which checks and moves the email to the mailbox , so I have created an excel file in that excel file I need to write data I get from the email on the excel file I would need column ‘name,surname,ID number and reason for moving’, it looks like this:

So I have this condition:


you can do in two ways.

  1. Add the data into existing datatable that you are iterating and then, at end of the process replace the input excel data with existing datatable.

  2. iterate the datatable and identify the excel cell based on datatable rows count.
    using excel set cell acitivity update the values.

HI @Anelisa_Bolosha1,

Please use add data row or append

Using Add data row you can add the row into the existing data table.

Or You can use append range it also works it will add data after the last row of data table.

At the end, you should use the write range activity.

Also, You can increment the cell Number that also works.

Hi @Siva_krishna_Thumma , I would need a data table for that specific process the existing data table is the one holding the results from the database

So I just want this excel file to just hold data after it gives the results from the database where it didn’t find any rows or more than 2 rows


if you are updating the data to existing excel then, first you can read the excel file then you can identify last index of existing excel file based on dt row count then you can update the excel cells.

if you are creating the excel file then, cell index will start from 1.

I managed to solve for this thank you

Here my values were changing so I did like this

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