Write data in existing data row

I have data table with few colums. Some of the colums already have values. In a loop, I need to write values to specific columns which is empty. Is there a way to access the table fields directly? Or any activities to do it?
P.S. table not from excel and no need to write it there

Hi @dariya.ashchepkova are you using a for each loop? Or perhaps even a for each row loop?

Hi @Jacqui_M
i’m using for each row loop

loop row first and then loop column
foreach the type change to DataColumn.

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Refer this post

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Thanks a lot, it works
The only thing i can’t assign string value to column, got error (on screenshot)

Correct assign is :
row(column.ColumnName) = “dddd”

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The same issue.Also tried add ToString, not working(

I try is ok. Let me see the screenshot what you write.

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you have to Foreach row in dataTable first.
The error maybe not find row


Refer my post above, check the comments also written properly follow them, so in your error first do foreach datatable within that do a foreach datacolumns

I have it, on screenshot you see nested sequence

I have for each row and nested for each datacolumn, on screenshot you see nested sequence
so i don’t think it is the reason of error


Can you able to send your xaml file, will correct it n send

cannot upload attachment because i’m new user. Leave your mail

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