Write CSV Doubel with Format x,xx

Hello, everybody,

I have a variable of type DataTable and want to save the content to a CSV file.

I create the DataTable with the activity “BuildDataTable”. The variable contains two columns with headers. In the first column are string values, in the second column are double values, so “10,20”. For the double values I use the data type “System.Double”.

Then I write the values of the variable into a CSV with the “Write CSV” activity.

In the activity the double values are displayed as “10.20”. “10,20” would be the correct one.

Where is my error?

you can loop through that particular column and do this row(“yourColumnName”).ToString.Replace(".",",")

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This is a possible solution as a workaround, but how would it go right?

make it as a System.String only dont make it System.Double

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