Excel Pivot Table & Dates

Hi, I have a problem with an excel workbook and its pivot table.

I have to write Dates in format dd/MM/yyyy into the excel file. And I normally use write Range from workbook activities, but because it has a pivot table the workbook activities create errors. So I’m using the excel activities.

I’m trying to do something simple like write some cells, to see if it’s working. Like this:

When the execution is finished, I open the file and the dates are in MM/dd/yyyy format and not in dd/MM/yyyy format

How could I solve this without deleting the pivot table?

I choose in excel to have the column in personalized format dd/MM/yyyy but it doesn’t work.

if your excel column format is in text then just( ’ single quote) to your date so that it will write as text and format will be in same

I’h tried this before and it works, but later this excel have to be processed in SAP and I don’t know if the single quote creates another problem. I’ll keep in mind though. Thank you.

i guess mostly excel interprets based on system date , may be that could be the reason

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Fix it!
The datatable came from another Read range excel.
When It reads the column, looks like it’s reading it as a text.
This way, the write cell interprets the text however it knows. Taking it like a MM/dd/yyyy format.

What I’m doing right know is:

  1. Read Range first excel.
  2. for each row
    2.1 Assign row(“dateColum”) = datetime.parseexact(Indicate the format)
  3. Write Range

And it works. :smiley:

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