Write Cell not working with this formula


I need to identify a column in Excel, so cell “I1” and write “Month”; this works perfectly.
Then in cell “I2”, write a formula, that will get the month value from a string in column “H”.

This is the formula:

No matter what I try, I always get 1 of 2 errors:
In the Input:

When I correct the error above with extra quotes, when it’s running it says that "the range does not exist "

Can someone help me, and explain why this happens please?

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@Andretgf First, that doesn’t appear to be a valid formula. Second, you should have two double quotes around the match character in the find formula


I think above is what you are going for.


Thank you!

I totaly forgot to quote, the quoted text.
Also… I was using “;” and you used “,”.
I double checked my Excel, and it’s writting “;”, which means that somehow UiPath changes “,” into “;”.

I readed that somewhere, but formula was never working, so I didn’t applied that to troubleshoot.

Anyway, is working now, thank you!

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