Excel Formula to UiPath Write Cell

Apologies if this is a repeated question. In an excel file, I have successfully indicated the following formula: =IF(LEFT(B2,15)=Sheet2!B2,UNICHAR(10004),UNICHAR(10007))

In the UiPath write cell, I tried
String.Format("=IF(LEFT({0},15)={1},UNICHAR(10004),UNICHAR(10007))", CurrentRow.ByField(“Class ID”).ToLower, CRandNotes.Sheet(“Closure”).Cell(“A1”).ToLower)

And yet I received an error for it. Anyone knows why?

Hi @ShengChao_Soh

The Excel formula have the second = sign ? {0},15) = {1},

@GreenTea Hi, sorry. Don’t understand what you meant

Hi @ShengChao_Soh

Excel formula accepts equal sign at beginning of string, you have another equal sign